Pact Coffee in 2019: a year in blogs

Pact Coffee in 2019: a year in blogs

Posted on 31-12-2019
By Pact Coffee

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2nd January

Our new partnership with bio-bean: New year, new us - with a partner to help recycle coffee grounds, and convert them to sustainable, efficient fuel sources

15th January

What is speciality coffee? You know our coffee is speciality grade, but what does that mean? We took a moment to demystify.

22nd January

The moral cost of getting coffee out. You know it adds up, £3 here and there for a high street latte. But what’s the ethical cost of getting coffee out? We took a look.

12th February

‘Cake culture’ in the office. We look at ‘cake culture’ as a trend in workplaces, and how it matches up with the healthy eating/clean living movement.

19th February

El Cairo and the generation gap in coffee. There’s a big problem with children leaving the coffee industry when they grow up - we focus on one family where that’s not the case.

26th February

Inside the Pact Coffee roastery. One of the key steps between farm to cup is the roasting stage. We introduce you to our roastery, and its inner workings.

12th March

Arabica v. robusta. You’ve probably heard of ‘arabica’ and that it’s considered a good thing, when it comes to coffee. But what’s the alternative, and what’s the difference?

19th March

Joining the Sustainable Restaurant Association. In March, we joined the Sustainable Restaurant Association - an organisation promoting best practices regarding sustainability.

26h March

Introducing the FNC. Without the FNC, we couldn’t have the relationships we do with coffee growers in Colombia - we detail what they do.

23rd April

Office coffee crimes. There’s a whole world of ways to get coffee wrong at work - we lay down some harsh truths, and how we’d resolve them.

30th April

Coffee and wine. Do you know how similar they really are? Beyond both being delicious drinks? Find out here, and be amazed.

7th May

Meet our head roaster. There’s a lot of different jobs in this strange old world. One of them is Head Roaster at Pact - meet ours, and what the job is like.

14th May

Co-working space. It’s a growing business - we take a look at the rise of communal work spaces, their benefits, downfalls and future.

28th May

Waste management. We examine responsible, ethical waste management in the office, and introduce a couple of our partners including First Mile and bio-bean.

4th June

Bourbon Cream Espresso. Our new blend was carefully created to suit the tastes of a wide range of coffee drinkers - and named it after our office site, The Biscuit Factory.

11th June

Coffee flavour wheel. We explain what it means when we talk about flavour notes in coffee - and why it doesn’t involve any syrups or artificial additives.

25th June

The $75 cup of coffee. That ridiculously expensive cup of coffee got a lot of derision when it hit the news - we examine that, and the price of coffee in general.

11th July

Café Maillot Jaune. We created a new coffee blend to celebrate the 100th year of the yellow jersey - read all about it!

16th July

Coffee jargon. There’s a lot of nerdy, specialised words people use when they’re talking about coffee - we try and decipher them for you.

30th July

Instant coffee, explained. You may have wondered about the difference between fresh and instant coffee - we break it down for you.

6th August

Marcus and Chapada farm. One of our longest business relationships is with Marcus, a Brazilian coffee farmer - hear how Pact has changed his life.

12th August

Hospitality coffee. Coffee in hotels has got a bad reputation. And that’s a big problem, as studies show people really care about quality these days.

27th August

Introducing Zaroca. It’s a new big player on the scene, and one that’s working hard to protect the planet while they grow delicious coffee.

2nd September

Women-led coffee groups. Gender inequity in the coffee industry is a big problem. And change only happens through action - we profile a few women-led groups doing just that.

10th September

Pumpkin spice phenomenon. Flavoured coffees are a big deal, especially as a seasonal promotion in highstreet cafés.

24th September

Fika culture. We examine the Scandinavian tradition of Fika, and how it could really benefit your workplace.

23rd October

Buenos Aires and employee benefits. There’s a lot you can do to make your employees feel valued, and that’s good for business. We see how Buenos Aires does it.

11th November

Flavoured coffee. We give our opinion on flavoured coffee, and why we feel that way.

19th November

FNC and job security. We’ve talked about the FNC before, and this time we focus on their purchase guarantee and how that helps coffee farmers keep working.

26th November

Tea and coffee. We introduce our new partners, teapigs, and look at the differences between tea and coffee.

3rd December

Bonuses and back payments. It’s Christmas bonus time, but how should we approach ‘extra’ money? We look at it from the perspective of coffee farmers, and their back payments.