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Bourbon Cream Espresso: Announcing Our New Blend!

What is Bourbon Cream Espresso?

It’s dark roasted. It’s got a mild, creamy acidity. A full mouthfeel, and refined sugar sweetness. But most importantly? It’s created to taste like bourbon cream biscuits!

A blend of Brazilian and Colombian coffee, this blend has been carefully tailored to bring out specific qualities inherent to each origin. There’s the milk chocolate notes and balanced base that pulped coffees from Brazil so often feature, and the intensity of Colombian coffee - with the acidity muted during roasting to really get that biscuity flavour across. It’s pretty delicious.

Paying homage to The Biscuit Factory

The Pact Coffee office is based in Bermondsey’s Biscuit Factory, the former site of Peek Freans. Who are also known as the creators of the Garibaldi, the first chocolate-covered digestive (then named “Chocolate Table”) and - you guessed it - the Bourbon Cream!

Devised in 1910 (and originally called “Creola”), it’s become a staple of coffee mornings everywhere. And since we now occupy its former birthplace, it seemed a fitting tribute to design and name our new blend around the delicious chocolate cream-filled biscuit.

Why did we create a new coffee blend?

Why? Well, we listened to what our clients wanted. We know that light roasted, tea-like, African speciality coffees aren’t always going to be a big hit in the break room. So we wanted to create an espresso that really packs a punch, and keeps everyone in your team happy.

It’s darker than we’d usually roast, but still nowhere near the burnt and bad quality beans that other office coffee suppliers try and pass off. This is an espresso that’ll be universally loved, but a big step up in quality from what your team might me used to. It’ll be available soon, so get in touch at businesshelp@pactcoffee.com to find out more.


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