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4 Office Coffee Crimes: broken office coffee machines & bitter beans

1. ‘Out of office’ coffee

The biggest sin of all: not even having any office coffee. A cancelled delivery, forgetful office manager, or board that doesn’t see the correlation between a caffeinated team and productive output - whatever the reason, there is no excuse.

Pact Coffee for Business would never allow for this… whether we automate your deliveries to always make sure you have enough coffee for your thirsty team, or you give us an emergency nudge when stocks are running low, we will quickly and calmly sort you out.

2. Broken office coffee machines

An even crueler fate. All the coffee in the world, but nothing to brew it with. Suppliers can be slow-footed, or the process for booking repairs can be frustrating, but that’s no way to live.

Avoid mutiny, and thrice-daily trips out to Starbucks, with Pact. We’ll get maintenance scheduled in quickly… or even drop by ourselves, if we think it might be something we could help with.

3. Burnt, bitter or instant

You might be up to your eyeballs in stir-in granules… but do you really want to treat coffee as a means to a very wired end? Life is worth more, you are worth more than that.

You don’t have to live out the cliché of rubbish office coffee with Pact. We offer 100% speciality grade beans (meaning our coffees were rated 80+/100 by industry experts), and roast them to absolute perfection - so free office coffee is actually a perk…

Not to mention the £1.50 off each bag every employee can enjoy, when they sign up to an ‘At Home’ plan!

4. Cheap ‘n’ commodity coffee

It’s true, you get what you pay for. Like buying clothes from Primark, it’s hard to feel good about getting a ludicrously good bargain when you know someone is suffering as a result of it. The low cost of commodity coffee means farmers lose money with each pound of coffee they produce - not great.

Pact Coffee buys at an average of 55% above Fairtrade rates, and provides training and investment - because farmers deserve to be paid a good price for a truly quality product.


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