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Valentine’s Day in the office: How to make a latte art heart

Just because you’re spending Valentine’s Day at work doesn’t mean you can’t show a little platonic love. This Friday, why not offer to grab someone deserving a cup of coffee (office manager, or long-suffering deskmate) - and step it up by doing some nifty latte art on it. It’s easier than it sounds…

How to make a latte art heart in 3 steps

1. Tilt the cup towards you, and start pouring in from the bottom (nearest to you)

2. Keep pouring until a blob of milk foam appears

3. Lift the jug up and away from you, cutting through the blob to form a heart!

Yeah, it really is that easy. And wonky or not, a heart is a heart - and if nothing else, you’ve given your colleague something to throw up on Instagram for the day. Want to go a step further? Check out what we’ll be drinking this Valentine’s Day…

Don George Natural: a seriously sultry sipping experience

Think plump, juicy strawberries - dipped in rich dark chocolate, and dripping indulgently. Now that’s a cup of coffee you should be excited to get your hands on. It’s not just that it’s delicious. It’s also taken a lot of effort to grow.

In Honduras, there’s good access to water - so it’s cheaper, and easier, to use the washed process. But after our investment into Walter’s farm in 2018, he agreed to try out the labour- and cost-intensive natural process. As the cherries are left to dry whole, they require constant raking and turning. That’s a lot of people-power!

It also runs the risk of over-fermentation but, done well, the extra sugars from the cherry pulp imbues the coffee with flavours of (almost boozy!) ripe fruit, and a heavier body.

Taking the risk definitely paid off, for us and for Walter. The higher price Pact handed over has funded his own wet mill, and the coffee produced is utterly indulgent - perfect to have to hand, if you’re inviting someone in for a coffee… why not buy it now?


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