Our Roastery Is Now Scope 1&2 Carbon-neutral

Our Roastery Is Now Scope 1&2 Carbon-neutral

Posted on 26-04-2022
By Will

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We’re proud to announce that we have made our internal purchased energy, business facilities and vehicles (classed as scope 1&2 emissions) carbon-neutral.

Climate change poses a serious threat to the livelihoods of the farmers we have long-term relationships with as well as the entire coffee industry. For this reason, mitigating it is one of our key focuses.

This needs to be done through things like reforestation and conservation projects abroad and much closer to home – both in our London office and Haslemere roastery. We also do this by offsetting our emissions with heavily vetted carbon credit that we can trust.

We’ve had carbon neutrality at the forefront of our mind since the beginning. But a number of excellent steps by our colleagues in the roastery have allowed us to achieve this goal. 

Our CEO, Paul Turton, said: “I’m delighted that everything in-house is now carbon-neutral. A lot of the fantastic farmers have long been working hard to secure things for future generations, so it was a non-negotiable for us to support this mindset in any small way, and for me that’s tightening up what we can. If that means actions such as switching to renewable energy, it’s a no-brainer”.

“It would be easy to see this as a ticked box, but we’re still working hard to improve things externally and make our Scope 3 emissions carbon-neutral. We’ll continue to take the sustainable option at every turn and work with similar-minded companies”. 

Keep your eyes peeled for our transparency report, which will be released in June, for more information.