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Top tips for staying cool in the office

1. What you wear

It’s a tricky one… unless you work in one of those trendy start-up environments, where customers and clients are kept at a healthy distance. In that case, crack out the shorts and flip flops!

But if everything’s a little more straightlaced and formal, then remember one thing: it’s all about the material. Think cool linens, breathable cotton, looser fit shirts and pale colours that don’t suck up the heat!

(and there’s no harm in packing a change of outfit for those pub garden after work drinks… if the stars do it, why can’t you?)

2. Where you sit

This might not be up to you, but there are things you can do. Angle yourself tactically into the path of the window’s breeze, quietly change the direction of the office’s sole fan, move your chair as far into the shade as possible…

And if all else fails, create your own personal wind tunnel - USB desk fans are still a thing, right?

3. Where you lunch

The sweaty confines of the office kitchen aren’t all that appealing. But heading out for a quick hour of sunbathing also won’t help matters. If you’re heading out either A) stay in the shade, and seek out a breeze or B) find somewhere that actually does have air con. Even if it’s the freezer aisle of Tesco.

4. What you drink

A steaming cup of coffee might not seem too appealing. But studies suggest that your mum was right - drinking a hot drink can cool you down in the summer, provided you’re somewhere well-ventilated. This works by causing you to sweat more (stay with us), which means you cool down more quickly when that evaporates.

So if you’re not somewhere breezy, and stuck in polyester workwear, then probably stick to an iced coffee instead…


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