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Ethical Alliances: introducing our new partnership with Revolut!

You’d be forgiven in thinking that the bottom line really should be the ‘bottom line’, when it comes to business. Money speaks, cash is king - it all comes down to profit.

But is financial success all that should motivate a company’s actions? Writing for the Harvard Business Review, Rosabeth Moss Kanter posits that the “institutional logic”, that companies have a responsibility to create real change, can easily line up with “economic logic”. As we like to say at Pact, you can do well, by doing good. Just read our CSR report!

The benefits of a good CSR is not only that it attracts customers and creates a strong reputation, it also earns the support of other businesses with similar ethical motivations. And that’s when partnerships are born.

We’ve partnered with Revolut for that reason

Pact Coffee has always been about disrupting the status quo. Taking the traditional supply chain, where growers lose out at the expense of large companies, and cutting out unnecessary steps, we’ve made sure everyone benefits as a result - the farmers, our customers and the business itself.

And that means partnering with a progressive rule-breaker like Revolut just makes sense. They’re disrupting traditional financial services to create a “world beyond banking”. One where customers aren’t hit by extortionate fees, where they’re using new ideas and new tech to change how things work.

Not only do they align with our views on changing things for the better (things that have always been done in a particular way), they also have the same views on promoting gender equity in traditionally male environments - offering free coding classes to women. Like us, their primary focus is people, closely followed by profit.

That’s why we’re offering one month of free coffee and a free coffee explorer kit to offices that are signed up by Revolut customers. Because companies that do good, should do well together.


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