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5 Office Party Recovery Strategies, Ranked

5. Pull a sickie

The most high risk of all the strategies. Everyone knows what you were doing last night (visions of garish Christmas cocktails and photocopier misdemeanors dance in your head) - so it’s not too believable that your symptoms are coincidentally that of a stonking hangover. Everyone else has come in to suffer together, so what makes you so special?

4. Exercise self-control

Now this option is just plain unrealistic. Open bar, intense peer pressure and a overwhelming sense of relief that the year’s pretty much a write-off from this point on… it’s a recipe for overindulgence. Sure, you can hit the buffet table hard and try and follow each drink with a glass of water… but has that ever really worked?

3. Under-the-desk nap

Again, a risky option. But maybe entirely necessary, before you find yourself facedown on your keyboarddddddddddd. Maybe your trendy, pet friendly office has a spare dog bed under a neighbouring desk (pray it’s for a Great Dane) or a particularly plush ‘breakout’ area - you know what you need to make happen, so just go for it.

2. Eat everything in sight

The second most socially acceptable, and effective, option. Stock up in advance on multipacks of ready salted crisps and two litre bottles of orange juice, splash out on a kebab lunch, follow it up with a microwavable ready meal around 4pm and you’ll be well on your way to feeling human again.


It’s obvious, isn’t it? It’s not called a pick-me-up for nothing. Coffee is your friend here: more reviving than a nap, more refined than a box of chicken wings, more responsible than calling in sick. And if your office already uses Pact Coffee for Business, you’ll get delicious coffee without a bitter edge for you to blanch at (in your sensitive state). Good luck!


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