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Five ways Pact at Work office coffee fuels a happy workplace

Pact was recently voted one of The Times 100 Best Small Companies To Work For, and the team at Pact HQ all agree that the free coffee we enjoy here played no small part in that…

While lots of workplaces offer complimentary coffee to their employees, lots of that complimentary coffee tastes pretty terrible. At Pact HQ our team is fuelled by the finest beans in the world, which have usually been freshly roasted next door the very same day (I can actually smell it being roasted as I write this post).

All of this might sound a bit like a brag, if it wasn’t for the fact that we offer the same stellar office coffee experience to workplaces across the country. We’re already fuelling the offices of JustEat, Vice Media, Transferwise, Graze, loaf, Zopa and GoCardless. Here are five of the benefits we’re all enjoying courtesy of Pact at Work:

Reason 1: Chatting about something good.

It can be bonding to gather around your run-of-the-mill coffee vending machine and moan about how bad the coffee is and how miserable the weather is. But wouldn’t it be better for your team to bond over something good? Like coffee that blows their minds.

At Pact we like to share our brewing tips as we make coffee throughout the day, helping each other to reach caffeinated Nirvana together. We also chat about where the coffee has come from and what we know about the farmer and how he farms it. All Pact coffees come with a little info card, so most of us have have learnt a great deal about coffee since joining the team.

Reason 2: Blowing off steam.

What better way to blow off steam after a high-pressure meeting than by blowing off steam? Literally. Frothing milk and working on your latte art can be therapeutic for some and competitive for others. At Pact HQ Will is the ‘Picasso of Pasteurized’, while Sarah’s attempts at latte foam hearts look - very consistently - like slightly disfigured turtles.

Reason 3: Getting things done.

While some of us are more reliant on coffee than others, there’s no denying that those magic beans help you tackle the world of work head on. Caffeine-fuelled meetings tend to be faster, more efficient and more delicious. And it’s not just anecdotal evidence that makes us say that; studies have shown that as well as increasing focus and concentration, coffee promotes alertness and reduces fatigue, aiding the short term memory.

Reason 4: …and inhale.

That sensational coffee smell makes it a joy to come into work each day. Crossing the threshold at Pact HQ and being hit by the aroma of our world-class beans never gets old. And it’s no wonder - did you know the scent cells in your nose are renewed every 28 days or so? In fact, our noses work seriously hard a lot of the time in ways we don’t often think about; studies show that 75% of emotions - particularly pleasure and well-being - are triggered by smells.

Reason 5: Feeling good.

Monday morning blues? Hump day Wednesdays? Mid-afternoon slumps? Not when there’s coffee around! Coffee really does offer an antidote to lulls in energy and enthusiasm. As a wise coffee-lover once said, “when life gives you lemons, swap them for coffee.”

For a chat about how your office could be enjoying all these benefits and more, contact the Pact at Work team on 020 7846 0094 or pactatwork@pactcoffee.com.

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