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Coffee matters: how a good cup of coffee can transform company culture

There’s no arguing that at work, coffee matters. Employers are having to work harder than ever to hire, motivate and retain the best talent. At Pact, we believe that serving world-class coffee, brewed in market-leading machines is a real winner for a boost in office morale.

Not only is it cost-effective, it’s probably the easiest and most hassle-free way to make your team feel valued. The reason? People love coffee. Almost three quarters (72%) of the workers we surveyed drink two or more cups a day, with 68% owning up to drinking between two and five cups. Coffee is often treated as a store-cupboard staple – found in supermarket aisles with long-life products – but coffee is always best when it’s fresh. Think of it more like fruit and veg, rather than dried fruit or nuts.

Our findings were confirmed when office supplies provider, Staples, discovered that 57% of workers said they need a minimum of two cups of coffee to feel productive and alert; and that three quarters of responders said they’d give up social media before giving up coffee.

We think it’s time to take coffee seriously. While most offices provide free coffee to employees, 17% of those employees described it as “diabolical”, 13% as “dodgy” and a further 23% describe it as “drinkable, (but only just)” – yikes!

So what can Pact Coffee do about dodgy office coffee and chronic company culture?

1. Pact is tried and tested

We’re already creating stronger, happier company cultures at the companies we work with.

**2. We’re pretty impressive **

Serving better coffee impresses clients and customers, as well as your team.

3. Easy peasy

Our hassle-free service, includes the maintenance of all coffee machines, to make life easy for office and ops managers.

4. A force for good

Serving our direct trade, ethically-sourced coffee counts towards a company’s CSR; together we’re making coffee a force for good.

5. Reap the rewards

Employees who enjoy Pact at Work can also benefit from a discount on the Pact home delivery service.

6. Team effort

As well as delivering superlative coffee, our service can also include social events, cupping sessions and coffee classes. A Danish study conducted in September 2013, looking at the value of coffee-breaks among busy workers found they helped staff re-charge, manage stress, share perspectives and support one another. Coffee deemed ‘diabolical’ simply isn’t as effective.

**For a chat about how your office could be enjoying the ultimate office perk, contact the Pact at Work team on 020 3936 3316 or by email. Or why not forward this post to whoever looks after the coffee in your office? **

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