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6 Companies That Do Good, By Doing Well

Besides selling really great coffee, we like to think we’re having a positive influence on the world. We’re incredibly proud about our commitment to directly trading with farmers but, let’s get this straight - it’s about quality, not charity.

Because they grow world-class, speciality coffee, they deserve the considerably higher prices we pay them. And those higher prices help them reinvest in their farm, so they have the chance to buy the equipment necessary to grow even better coffee… and more of it, too! They’re happy, we’re happy - that’s what we mean by ‘doing good, by doing well’. Here’s just some of the companies we think are doing that too:

1. Fairphone

The clue’s in the name (even if it’s slightly on the nose…). Fairphone makes phones that are, well, fairer for everyone. They use minerals from conflict-free mines, they have a completely transparent supply and production chain, and they pay factory workers a good wage and guarantee safe working conditions. And on your end? You get a modular, easily repairable and customisable phone - no replacing them every year or so, you can just keep upgrading one part at a time. Nice!

2. Essence Global

There’s a lot of ways a company can do good. Essence Global is trying to change what advertising means - think less through-your-door leaflet spam, and more enriching experiences that are both relevant and value to the world. More than that, though, they’re also a company that cares about its team - something we love! Their people-focused principles have rewarded them with exceptional employee satisfaction and noticeably low staff turnover - which means they can better do what they do.


The ethical impact of TOMS is not a secret - but you would want to shout about this from the rooftops! TOMS have donated over 60 million pairs of shoes to children around the world, gifted 400,000 pairs of glasses to people who can’t afford to see an optician and have helped over 25,000 woman to give birth safely. And their shoes look pretty cool, too.

4. Monzo

It’d be fair to assume that when picking a bank, you sort of have to adopt a ‘lesser of two evils’ sort of policy. But that’s not totally the case - thanks to companies like Monzo. We like what they’re trying to do - disrupt the status quo, offer complete transparency… they’ve even been named one of the most ethical banks around, by Ethical Consumer. They’re also a Living Wage employer - you go, Monzo!

5. Sustainable Restaurant Association

Again, another company that says what it does on the tin… if you will. Sustainable food is what they’re all about - helping restaurants to source food locally, manage resources more efficiently and to work with the local community to do so. They also help you ravenous foodies work out which restaurants are operating in the most sustainable way possible.

6. Farmdrop

While we’re on food… Farmdrop are another business that puts people and principles first. You know you’re getting good quality groceries when they care about everyone, from paying farmers properly to the maintaining the highest animal welfare standards. They also source as locally as possible and use electric vans to deliver your goodies when they can!

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