Working from home? Make the most of your coffee breaks

Working from home? Make the most of your coffee breaks

Posted on 16-03-2020
By Pact Coffee

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There’s a lot of good things about working from home. Peace and quiet, staying in pyjamas (at least from the waist down, in case of conference calls…), no exhausting commute.

But it can run the risk of blurring the line between life and home - because even if you’re not in the office, you still need to take a few minutes now and then to clear your head. That’s why we’re a strong believer in upholding the noble tradition of The Coffee Break.

Not popping your laptop on the counter while we brew, or measuring out grounds while you’re on the phone with Andy from accounts. No - actually taking ten minutes to stop, breathe, brew, and reset your brain.

Here’s how to get coffee breaks right at home:

  • Get a Pact Coffee home plan

Why bother trekking to the shop? You can get coffee delivered to your door - as often as you want, and perfectly ground for your preferred brew method. That’s sort of our bag.

Create a coffee plan that suits your tastes, tools, and budget, and tell us how often we should send you a 250g bag of coffee (or box of 40 pods). Not to mention… if your office uses Pact Coffee, then you get £1.50 off each delivery AND a free V60 Brew Kit. No, really - just hit up your office manager.

  • Make a ritual out of brewing yourself a cuppa

Don’t chuck in a couple of tablespoons of instant, and leave it at that! Make a moment out of preparing yourself a cup of coffee. Organise your brew tools, find your favourite mug, and let yourself focus on the process.

Let your mind go. Inhale the fresh grounds, splash in the perfectly heated water, enjoy the rich aroma emanating as your brew develops… this is a moment just for you. So mute your slack notifications!

  • Pair your coffee with a tasty treat

Ok, maybe don’t do this every time - for the sake of your food bill, if not anything else. But there’s nothing that elevates a coffee to a coffee break like a nice biscuits, or a slice of cake (we’re partial to a French Fancy, ourselves…).

And if you need any justification, remember it’s such a thing in Sweden that there’s a word for it: fika! Taking a pause with a coffee and a cake. Try it!

  • Experiment with brew methods and coffee choice

Also a good way to combat boredom, why not keep it fresh with your coffee choices? If you’re lucky enough to have an espresso machine, why not try switching your latte to a macchiato? Brew with a cafetiere normally? Try refining your methods with a V60 dripper - get the scales and thermometer out especially!

You can switch up the actual coffee too. Try experimenting with different origins. Drink Brazilian normally? Try a floral, tea-like Kenyan! There’s a whole world of coffee to explore.