Women in Coffee Month - Our Takeaways

Women in Coffee Month - Our Takeaways

Posted on 31-03-2020
By Pact Coffee

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So, this has been a strange month. We set out to celebrate women in coffee for the whole of March - but, as I’m sure you can understand, the current situation demanded our attention. While there’s a lot on everyone’s mind right now, it’s still important to remember why women in coffee need a month of recognition:

The facts and figures

  • Women do 70% of physical work on the coffee farm
  • Women are 43% of the agricultural workforce, full stop


  • Only 15% of farmland, equipment, and crops are owned by women
  • Only 5% of relevant coffee farming training goes to women
  • Only 25-35% of coffee farms are actually RUN by women


  • Giving women more opportunities could mean a 20-30% rise in production
  • “The world economy could add trillions of dollars in growth in the next ten years” if the world raises the proportion of women in the workforce - The McKinsey Global Institute

All of that? That’s why we wanted to focus everyone’s attention on women in the coffee industry. And raise money for a great charity while doing it…

We raised £2282 (and counting!) for Hand in Hand International

£1 from each bag of El Triunfo and Cenicafé 1 (two women-grown Limited Editions we launched in March) was donated to Hand in Hand International - a charity working to pull families out of poverty, by empowering women to seek entrepreneurial opportunities.

We’re happy to tell you that we raised at least £2000 for the incredible work they do - you can read all about that here. Thank you for your support!

Read about out favourite women in coffee

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