March 2020: Pact’s Women in Coffee Month

March 2020: Pact’s Women in Coffee Month

Posted on 02-03-2020
By Pact Coffee

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When you think of a coffee farmer, what do you imagine? No, really - take a moment.

It wouldn’t be that surprising if it was someone like this:

Or this:

Or maybe this:

If so, it might surprise you to learn that 70% of coffee fieldwork is done by women (and so is 43% of agricultural labour in general).

Yup. A large proportion of the farming community is made up of women, but they’re lacking visibility - and they’re lacking visibility because they’re lacking opportunities, respect, and ownership. They own just 15% of land, get 5% of relevant training, and run just 25-35% of coffee farms.

We don’t think that’s right, so we’re taking the month of March to recognise their contributions and raise their profile - along with promoting two women-grown Limited Edition coffees. Because it’s the right thing to do, for people and for progress.

Why women succeeding is good for business

Gender inequity is not just a ‘woman’s problem’. It’s an everyone problem. With a climate emergency surging, and agriculture at risk both on an ecological and sociocultural level, we need on hands on deck.

The UN have found that farm production could rise from 20-30% if more opportunities were allowed to women, and “the world economy could add trillions of dollars in growth in the next ten years” according to the McKinsey Global Institute - if companies across the world meet targets for raising the number of women in work. It just makes every kind of sense.

Support women in coffee with our Limited Editions

This March we’re introducing two very special coffees - both women-grown, exceptional in their own ways, and available for a limited time only.

El Triunfo, grown by Karla Baquero

Karla is the daughter of Asomuprisma’s representative, Siria Cardozo, and the youngest member of the all-women cooperative. The third generation of women farmers, she’s seen a sociocultural shift in the industry - but recognises it needs to go further, so the contribution of women on the farm is respected. Now owning her own farm and producing her own lot, she’s leading the charge for the next generation of women in coffee.

The coffee itself? Delicious. Rich dark chocolate meets the firm, familiar flavour of dried apricots, with a mild acidity for a perfect finish. It’s delicious, and direct evidence of the benefit of empowering both women and the next generation. And it’s available soon.

We’re donating proceeds to Hand in Hand International

We don’t think empowering women in the coffee industry is enough. This is a global, cross-industry issue - and Hand in Hand International recognise that. They work to give groups of entrepreneurial women the tools, training and confidence they need to succeed. We love that. That’s why £1 from each Limited Edition sold will go to them, supporting the work they do and still promoting the women farmers we work with.