See Pact Coffee’s Work From Home Set-Ups!

See Pact Coffee’s Work From Home Set-Ups!

Posted on 20-04-2020
By Pact Coffee

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The Pact Coffee team is made up of a wide range of characters - from coffee-lovers to tea-drinkers, tidy-desked organised types and messy ‘creative’ types. Wanna see how they’re getting on with working from home? Of course you do!

Jackson, Account Manager

Jackson working from home

Top tips: Bring some sort of excitement to your day by sitting or standing at different angles - right now I may be staring at a blank wall but I know that in another hour, I get to face out the window.

Biggest challenge: I have suddenly become very caring of our slightly sickly houseplants and so must resist the urge to attend to them throughout the day.

Coffee habits: Our team have been having a video call each morning where one of us has brewed a coffee live - there is something quite meditative about it. I brew around 11am and for me it involves hand grinding coffee and a V60 or an Aeropress so it can turn into a proper break from work which is definitely important!

Alex, Digital Marketing Executive

Alex's desk

Alex's coffee

Top tips: don’t leave the TV on, listen to music instead!

Biggest challenge: definitely trying not to drink too much coffee.

Coffee habits: I brew using a Hario V60, grinding my beans fresh using a Hario Mini Slim Grinder. I’m trying to maintain my office routine of one cup at 9:00 and another at 11:00. Never after midday!

Lydia, Content Manager

Lydia's work station

Top tips: wear clothes at least one step up from pyjamas - still stretchy, of course, but something you could plausibly wear outside without shame. And tune into the radio to feel connected - we’ve been listening to Radio 2 non-stop, and it’s like Ken Bruce is our friendly live-in uncle.

Biggest challenge: not taking twice-hourly strolls to the fridge.

Coffee habits: Shamefully, I’m more of a tea-drinker - but I keep my coffee cred up by brewing a V60 or two a day for my partner.

Stephen, Head Roaster

Stephen working

Stephen's coffee set up

Top tips: ?

Biggest challenge: ?

Coffee habits: ?

Stephen’s input: “Here’s some photos of my professional office (ignore the wine glass).”

Ted, Head of Ecommerce

Ted's desk

Ted's coffee set up

Top tips: Stay hydrated and keep to a routine

Biggest challenge: Getting up and away from the desk - need more air and exercise

Coffee habits: I use a Sage - don’t take a break, apart for a cuddle with Bear [Ted’s French Bulldog!] and a drink at the desk.

Polly, Customer Champion

Polly at her desk

Top tips: see here!