5 Café Trends to Follow in 2020

5 Café Trends to Follow in 2020

Posted on 04-02-2020
By Pact Coffee

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Customers don’t just choose a café based on how close it is to their home or office. Not anymore. Grabbing a brew at an old greasy spoon is over - now cafés need to be snap-happy, ultra-trendy venues.

Be it a crowded marketplace or changing consumer tastes, knowing what works is important. And with Pact Coffee entering the realm of horeca, we’ve gathered our top tips on upcoming trends when it comes to coffee shops.

Sustainable sourcing

Conveniently for us, customers increasingly care about sustainability. Now it’s expected that businesses go for the most sustainable option, from reusable cups to people-friendly sourcing practices. It’s generally understood in the industry that it matters to people whether their coffee is sustainably sourced, from how it’s grown to how its growers are treated. Café owners should bear that in mind when choosing roasters to host.

Instagram-friendly interiors

As eco-friendly and ethics-focused consumers are, they’re still human. And with connectivity a huge thing - with huge food-and-drink-centric online communities - it’s worth thinking about your coffee shop’s appeal. Not only is there an appeal to “Instagrammable” decor, it’s also a good way to communicate your brand and messaging. Given the rise in ‘coffee tourism’, it also lets you nod to your product’s origins…

Coffee tourism

Consumers are increasingly adventurous- from new tastes, to wanting to try food and drink from new cultures. You can see that in the rising popularity of things like kombucha, for example. But you can also see it from the rise of speciality coffee - where trying coffees from across the coffee belt starts to matter. Making sure you have a wide range, and an aesthetic to match, could be a good idea.

Variety and choice of drinks

Having a wide range of options is a trend in itself. No longer content with ‘tea or coffee’, customers want to try new things- maybe each time they visit. You can’t rely on them valuing having ‘their usual’ in the same way as before. Whether it’s having multiple different coffees from different origins on the menu, or having multiple ways to have them (from iced, to cold brews, to lattes, to filter), variety is everything.

Milk alternatives

At last, but not at least, we come to the rising demand for milk alternatives. The combination of the vegan movement and people getting generally more health conscious, means everyone’s ditching dairy. Stay ahead of the game with multiple alternative options- whether nut, soy, oat or rice milks - to keep everyone happy.

Pact Coffee is on trend

When it comes to sustainable sourcing, coffee tourism, and variety, we pretty much have it covered. With beans from 8+ origins, and a constantly rotating menu, we have what it takes to keep cafés on trend this season. Couple that with a bright, eye-catching brand (for that social media appeal!) and expert brewing advice (for help with non-dairy milks), and there’s not reason not to bring Pact Coffee to your café.