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Revealed: 75% of UK workplaces 'awash' with rubbish office coffee

Concerned that poor-quality coffee is running amok in offices across the country, we recently surveyed more than five thousand coffee-lovers to find out the state of play in their workplace. The results weren’t good:

**Three-quarters of workers are disappointed by the coffee in their workplace. **

When asked whether they’re satisfied with the quality of the coffee in their offices, 75% stated they’re not. And while it might not seem like that big a deal to drink rubbish coffee in the workplace, drinking bad coffee day in day out can create a genuine dent in morale:

17% described the coffee provided by their employer as ‘diabolical’.

Many offices provide free coffee to their employees, but when almost a fifth of those employees describe it as “diabolical”, 13% as “dodgy” and a further 23% describe it as “drinkable, (but only just)”, that free coffee could be doing more harm than good. Apparently, as well as making employees feel undervalued, low-grade coffee can create embarrassment when served at meetings with clients and external partners.

72% of workers drink 2+ coffees a day.

People like coffee; 70% of responders said they only drink coffee, so tea and hot chocolate are left by the wayside in many modern offices. So how much coffee do people tend to drink? Almost three-quarters of responders drink in excess of two cups of coffee every day, and 68% have between two and five cups.

Those 2+ cups can either be a highlight of an employee’s day, or simply a caffeinated means to an end. Smart employers are starting to recognise that office coffee can be a cost-effective way to show their teams they care.

The offices of JustEat, Vice Media, Transferwise, Graze, loaf, GoCardless, Zopa and Monzo are already enjoying specialty coffee from Pact at Work. Here’s what Sally at Workspace has to say about how Pact provides their office with a boost:

“I love the personal touch Pact can offer, the service is quick and reliable and our account manager is responsive, efficient and always willing to go the extra mile. The coffee is always fresh. All of the staff here love it and the feedback is always great!”

And from Tony at Smarkets:

“Having Pact at Work has raised the bar. I would definitely recommend Pact to other businesses.”

In a time when employers are having to work harder to hire and motivate the best talent, every detail about a workplace matters. We’re very proud that Pact was recently voted one of The Times 100 Best Small Companies To Work For. We think the fact that Pact HQ is stocked with world-class coffees and market-leading coffee-making machines played no small part in that. Our team punctuate the day with stellar cups of coffee, brewed to perfection but we know we’re the minority - for now…

**For a chat about how your office could be enjoying the ultimate office perk, contact the Pact at Work team on 020 7846 0094 or by email. Or why not forward this post to whoever looks after the coffee in your office? **

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