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New Year, Old Office? How to make your workplace feel new

Familiarity breeds contempt. It’s a cliché because it has some truth to it. The same old routine, day in day out - same commute, same desk, same cheese sandwich for lunch. But just because things are getting stale, it doesn’t mean it’s time to bail.

Sometimes a small change is all you need to reset, and approach the familiar with a brand new angle. So here’s our suggestions for giving everyone in the office a much needed refresher this 2020.

Switch up the seating plan

It sounds like a faff, but it’s much easier to see your workplace differently if you are doing that in a literal sense. Changing where people sit gives them a new view, different deskmates, and shakes things up just enough to lift everyone out of the mundane.

And if you want to take it even further, consider hot desking (if you’re working off laptops anyway) or providing a few alternative spaces - sofas or benches - so there’s somewhere to go if anyone needs a desk break, without stopping their work.

Freshen up the place

If you can, change the look of the whole place. Paint the walls a new colour, splash out on a range of plantlife, hang some prints (maybe ones that incorporate your mission statement!) and try out some soft furnishings - pillows, rugs, and the like.

It’ll give the team the feeling that you’re investing in their surroundings, and their enjoyment of them - and that could be just the boost they need.

Deck out your desk

Spring clean time! Make it an office-wide task. Get rid off all the various bits of paper you’ve accumulated over the past year, sort the rest into a desk tidy, and personalise the space with framed photos, and a knick-knack or two.

Like making a house a home, it’ll give people a sense of ownership over their desks - and put them in the right frame of mind to get down to it every day.

Change up your coffee selection!

If you’re not already getting your coffee from us, then why not? We can tailor a plan that suits your office - with a range of machines, coffee types, roast levels, and flavour notes on offer. New coffee will make everyone feel brand new!

If you’re already a Pact Coffee customer, why not talk to your account manager about switching up your selection of coffees? Try a different origin on our range, or a different sort of machine - because good coffee never gets boring.


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