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Grab a coffee with… Josh Barry Diner, B2B Marketing Manager

Former stand-up comedian and current Spurs fan, 30-year-old Josh is Pact Coffee’s B2B Marketing Manager (and responsible for the shiny new website you’re reading this on!). Find out more about him, including why buying a gazebo is his proudest moment.

Tell us about your professional background

I’ve spent the bulk of my career working in Project Management/Product Marketing for tech businesses. This included four years in the digital development team at LexisNexis, in the exciting, fast-paced world of tax publishing. After that, it was two years in the murky world of online ratings and reviews with Reevoo.

What made you decide to join Pact Coffee?

I loved the company ethos, and also happened to be a Pact subscriber back in 2015… so when the opportunity came along, I just couldn’t say no (also I happened to have become accidentally unemployed two weeks prior to being offered the role, but that’s a different story completely!).

Run us through a day in the life of Josh

It starts with Shreddies and a coffee, then a catch up with my digital marketing agency to see how our ads are performing across paid social and paid search… cue quick panic that I’ve not sorted something for an upcoming event.

Throughout the day: cheer at every inbound lead. Attempt at latte art, fail at latte art. Look at future projects and PCFB proposition in different markets. Deflect terrible anti-Spurs banter. Moan about the lack of lunch options in Bermondsey.

Then there’s my 3pm espresso, time spent checking my spend-tracker and allocating budgets, working with the sales team on assets and enablement to brief in to content and design. And that’s it!

What’s been your highest point at Pact so far?

Receiving my Pact Coffee Gazebo, then waking up at 3am to get to the office to brew gallons of coffee and then smashing Boxpark in Shoreditch from 6am with the B2B sales team - giving out over 1,000 samples in an hour, and seeing how much people love good coffee.

How do you feel about coffee yourself?

Re-educated. What I thought I knew about coffee before joining compared to what I know after a few months here are worlds apart. The amount of variety is staggering, and now I feel the same about coffee as I do about wine or cigars.

Tell us about your most memorable coffee moment

I was touring Israel for a month in the summer of 2005 and spent a night sleeping under the stars with the Beduin community in the Negev desert. That night, some Ethiopian Beduin roasted some coffee for us over a fire, ground it up, and mixed it with sugar. To this day, it’s the nicest drink I’ve ever had of anything.

I’m guessing that’s not how you make your own coffee. How do you brew?

I mix it up - generally espresso or filter of some kind in the office, and with a V60 coffee dripper at home.

Give us a fun fact about you!

I once misspelled my own first name on a job application process and had to pretend for an entire day that I was called Josua. I also spent two years’ worth of evenings as a stand up comedian in London.


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