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Caffeinated and cost-efficient: the hidden value of office coffee

Our coffee isn’t a commodity and neither is your team. We know that you know that, but it’s important to make sure that’s clear to everyone. While poor quality coffee and broken-down machines tell your staff that you’re not bothered about whether they’re enjoying the daily grind (in more ways than one), Pact’s service lets them know you really care - and with something as simple as a cup of speciality coffee. Teams that feel valued, feel happy. And happy teams are what you should be aiming for.

Where before you might have been dealing with bitter brews, unreliable machines or endless company-expensed trips out to overpriced coffee chains, Pact can supply you with freshly roasted, word-class coffee delivered at whatever frequency you need. We’ll also get you set up with the perfect coffee machine for your office and keep it maintained and working, to make sure your team is always fuelled up and raring to go! At roughly 35p a cup, saving them the £3+ they’d normally spend on a latte before even getting into the office, we think it’s definitely value for money for your staff. But why is it worth it for your business?

Creating happy teams

A caffeinated team is a happy team. And it seems that everyone from your admin assistant to your lead web developer would recognise that too - office supplies provider Staples found that a whopping 57% of working people say they need at least two cups of coffee to feel ‘with it’. So if you’re supplying your office with quality coffee, chances are you’re going to get a team that’s eager to take on whatever tasks the day throws at them - without wasting time to nip out for a flat white. Science has got our back on this too: comparing the effects of coffee to a “power nap”, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine found that employees remember things and focus better under the influence of caffeine. We at Pact know from experience that a happy team is a productive team, so showing your team that you value them (and their tastebuds!) can only be a good thing.

Building relationships

Of course, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that supplying your team with great coffee could be a great morale boost. But beyond the coffee itself, the culture of the coffee break could also be beneficial to your business. Again, this is something that’s been picked up on by everyone from academics at MIT to the Scandis - but more on the latter in a minute. An MIT study showed a link between productivity and strong social groups, also suggesting that stepping out for a brew together can bring a team closer. So colleagues who coffee break together, work better together! But while others have noticed that the office kitchen is a great place for workers to put their heads together, with coffee fuelling chat in a more organic way, we seem to be a little behind our trendy neighbours in Scandinavia…

The Swedish notion of “fika” is implemented in workplaces as standard, referring to a time to drink coffee and chat together - maybe accompanied by a slice of cake or pastry. This doesn’t necessarily mean designated downtime, though. This is about taking a moment to connect as colleagues, pause your production and reframe your thinking. The more wholesome sibling of the uninhibited and unmeasured business banter that makes a clumsy appearance at afterwork drinks, fika may be just what your company needs to get ideas flowing again. And with great coffee giving you an excuse to take time away from the desk, you’ll be working as a team better than ever before.

Prioritising health

So you’ve got a happy team that works well and works together. Perfect! But how can Pact help you keep them, well, at work? Beyond being utterly delicious and helping with concentration and memory, coffee also has a number of reported health benefits. Recent studies suggest that coffee drinkers have a lower chance of suffering from anything from heart disease and cancer to diabetes and respiratory disease. And while the general well-being of your team will be important to you, encouraging your staff to become coffee fanatics may also indirectly contribute to a stronger workforce. Where 137 million working days were lost to illness and injury in 2016, anything that keeps your company fighting fit has got to be a win.

We do it best

So that’s why coffee is worth it. But why should you opt for our coffee? Well, just ask our current customers! Tony at Smarkets is definitely a fan, telling us that “having Pact has raised the bar. I would definitely recommend Pact to other businesses”, while Beth at Capital Law says this:

Using Pact has meant we no longer need to leave the building to get a cappuccino that cuts the mustard. This has improved morale no end – despite the queue at the coffee machine.

And the Hello Fresh team have shared their ‘fika’-esque style of working with us, too:

Hello Fresh is a company with a brilliant culture - everyone loves and appreciates food, and it shows in our environment as we often bond in the kitchen over a hot cup of Pact coffee!

Really, it’s a no-brainer. If you agree that coffee has value in the workplace and like the idea of speciality coffee that’s directly sourced from the farmer, roasted on the day it’s sent out to you and of a world-class quality, then joining Pact may be the right move for your company. Because that’s our vision: better coffee. Together.

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