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Easter Bank Holiday: 5 Ways to Prep for 4 Days Off Work

Whether you observe the religious holiday or not, we can all agree on one thing: Easter is the perfect mid-Spring treat - four, chocolate-filled days to get us through the miserable weather.

But having those days off doesn’t come without a level of stress. Leaving projects on hold for four days (as everyone’s got time off), having to switch from work-to-fun/family mode for a relatively short amount of time, hitting those deadlines before the lights are turned off for the weekend…

Here’s our steps for easing the transition:

1. Clear your slate

You know the project you’ve put off finishing? The annoying little tasks that keep getting pushed further and further down your to-do list? It’s time to tick them off. There’s nothing worse than getting back from a holiday with a backlog of boring things you need to sift through.

Look forward to getting back into the office, fresh-faced and fancy free - with the freedom to start any project you want to!

2. Turn on your ‘out of office’

Although Easter is a public holiday, meaning everyone should be off camping in Cornwall or at consecutive bottomless brunches, you know for some people life will continue BAU. You’re probably picturing the sort now, flinging out emails marked ‘urgent’ right, left and centre. Well, ignore it.

Or rather, let your ‘out of office’ do it for you. And don’t feel bad - a healthy work-life balance is absolutely essential, for the good of your health and to ensure the work you do is quality!

3. Take your desk plant home!

There’s nothing sadder than coming back to the site of drooping stalks, browning leaves, fallen foliage… your green little friend keeps you in fresh oxygen, so they’re worth looking after!

Take your potted pet home with you to keep them happily watered, so you can bring them back with you and let spring really kick in!

4. Kick off the Easter break right

Your coworkers are your family for 40-odd hours of the week (even if that means they annoy you endlessly, you wish you could escape them but can’t, and they take liberties friends wouldn’t). But taking time to celebrate the break with them will ease you into holiday mode.

Whether a grab bag of mini eggs for the table, an office-based easter egg hunt, or some lunchtime arts ‘n’ crafts (don’t knock it until you try it - very relaxing) - it’ll all get you in the mode for some downtime.

5. Stock up on coffee, with your employee discount!

Did you forget you get £1.50 off every single bag of coffee from your Pact Coffee home plan? Well you do! If your office supplies Pact Coffee, that is. We would never want you to go back to bargain beans and poor quality coffee during your time off, so we give you a discount to make sure you can always get the best coffee - morning, noon and night!

(Your office doesn’t use Pact Coffee for Business? Get your office manager to hit us up a businesshelp@pactcoffee.com to sort that out!)


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