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Direct trade office coffee: Where CSR meets world-class beans

Pact at Work has a simple mission: to make coffee a force for good.

That means good for everyone. We want coffee-lovers in workplaces across the country to enjoy better beans, but we also want to make sure the farmers who grow those exceptional beans are paid fairly for them. In doing so, we - and the companies with whom we work - are making a positive change to the coffee market status quo.

Goodbye middlemen.

Early on we realised that to give farmers a better deal, we needed to cut out the merchants and middlemen. Basically, we had to scrap the traditional coffee supply chain and create our own new and improved version. So that’s what we’ve done:

By going ‘out to origin’ our Head of Coffee, Will, can unearth hidden coffee gems and build actual relationships with the talented farmers who grow them.

We’re Direct Trade, not Fairtrade.

The Fairtrade Foundation’s raison d’etre is to ensure farmers are always paid a minimum wage for their coffee harvest. We go beyond that. We don’t just provide a financial safety net for the farmers we work with, we collaborate closely with them to help them improve the quality of their coffee beans. We’re talking practical advice, small investments and sometimes introducing them to local experts. Find out more by taking a look at Our Three-Phase Program.

Why that means better coffee.

We’re empowering farmers to invest in their farms. Improving drying facilities, making quality checks more rigorous and even using better fertiliser costs more, but results in a better tasting coffee, for which farmers can then charge more.

Coffee that’s CSR-friendly as well as delicious.

What all this means is that the coffee we provide as part of the end-to-end Pact at Work service, is coffee you can be proud to share with your team. Each coffee comes with information about where it’s from, who grew it, and the difference we’ve made to their farm by working with them directly. That way, we’re introducing offices across the UK to the coffee farmers who help to fuel their working day.

For a chat about how your office could be enjoying the ultimate office perk, contact the Pact at Work team on 020 7846 0094 or by email.

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