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Cold Brew or Iced Coffee: surviving the heatwave in the office

The weather outside is frightful. Frightfully hot, that is. Fine if you can find a breezy, shady spot in the park, or hide away in your perfect air-conditioned home. Not so fine if you’re working in a stuffy office with a ‘no shorts’ rule.

And a piping cup of coffee is probably the last thing you want. But you need your caffeine! Never feat - it’s actually quite easy to create a chilled cup with whatever you have on hand…

If your office has a filter machine…

Now this isn’t going to blow any minds, but just brew some coffee, let it chill and add a lot of ice. Think bulk here: you might not have a freezer, but one bag of ice cubes will soon be snapped up by the other caffeine-craving teams in your workspace.

If your office has an espresso machine…

We’re going to get a little fancy. Introducing, the espresso tonic. With the fresh, citrusy zing of tonic water (reminding you of happier, more gin-filled times) and the kick of coffee. Here’s a how-to:

1. Fill a glass with ice and pour in chilled tonic water

2. Prepare a double shot of espresso

3. Slowly pour the espresso into the tonic glass

If your office uses a cafetiére…

This one takes a little prior planning, but just take turns to do it at the end of every work day. It’ll be well worth it, trust us:

1. Prepare your cafetiere as usual, but use cold water instead of hot

2. Pop in the fridge for around 8 hours, without the plunger

3. Plunge, and enjoy over ice!

If your office uses a V60…

We’ve got an option for you too! And it’s a fair bit faster than the cafetiére option:

1. Prepare your V60 coffee as usual, but with half the water

2. Allow to drip over a glass filled with ice

3. Add a splash of milk, or enjoy as is!.


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