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How to get coffee stains out of clothes at work… and other coffee disaster hacks

There’s no use crying over spilt milk… even if it did come with a double shot of coffee, and is staining all of your most important documents. Here’s our tips and trips for a whole range of coffee disasters:

Help! I’ve spilled coffee on my shirt!

It happens to everyone, but somehow always at the most inopportune moments - pre performance review, mid meeting, the afternoon before an industry mixer. But chill, we’ve got you sorted:

- Rinse IMMEDIATELY under cold water through the back of the stain, if possible (yup - this is a private bathroom situation). Rinse for 10-15 minutes, or until the water runs clear.

- Still stained? Grab that handsoap and rub a little in, letting it sit for a few minutes before rewetting and rubbing gently. Rinse out with warm water, and assess the damage.

- No luck? Then it’s one you’ll have to tackle at home. For now, conceal - don’t reveal. Roll up your sleeve, fashion an emergency brooch, borrow a coworker’s scarf. Whatever you can.

Help! We’ve run out of coffee!

If you’re getting your coffee from Pact Coffee for Business, this shouldn’t happen too often - we try and make sure we work out how much you’ll need to keep the office fuelled. But if you’ve had an unexpected rush of caffeine-seekers, then no panic.

Call our customer support team on 020 3095 3975, or email businesshelp@pactcoffee.com, and we’ll sort you out before your team gets too upset!

Help! I’ve spilled coffee on my laptop!

Oh dear. Seems a shame to waste world-class coffee like that, but there we are. Make sure you don’t have any other losses by quickly following these steps:

- Unplug and force shutdown, by holding down the power button - time is of the essence!

- If you can, remove the battery and any other USBs plugged in

- Wipe off any obvious liquid, and flip it over to let it drain - pop a towel underneath

- Leave it as long as you possibly can - go for a long lunch, crack on with meetings or get your pen and paper out. Four hours as a minimum is recommended.

Help! I need to impress a visiting client!

Bah, this one is easy.

So someone very important is coming in. Someone you’ve ironed your shirts for, instead of using your genius ‘air hang’ technique. You want to wow them from the off, and that is what Pact Coffee for Business was made for.

Brew them a cup in the nicest mug you have, and quickly memorise the coffee card we provide - so when you serve it up, you can casually remark about the flavour notes and origin. So they know they’re not getting the bog-standard stuff.

(Oh, and shove some nice biscuits on a plate too. They’re only human)

Help! Our coffee machine isn’t working!

Just like people, your coffee machine needs a bit of maintenance now and then. If you notice things don’t seem quite right, don’t let it stay in the back of your mind until it gets worse. Tell us!

Your account manager will prioritise the repair works your machine might need, so you can get back on the brew as soon as possible.

We don’t want to brag, but WE were the answer to about 50% of these coffee disasters. So don’t find yourself in a bind next time - if you’re not already a customer, then hit us up here.


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