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Why your office coffee is from Brazil, not Ethiopia

There’s a time and a place for experimentation. When you’ve had the longest, hardest week imaginable, you’re gonna head to your usual boozer - not that new Breaking Bad-themed cocktail bar. And when you’re stumbling home from said boozer, you go to your usual kebab shop. You don’t hunt down something new and exciting.

Let’s be real - this is how most people feel about their office coffee. A delicious fuel to help you power through hours of meetings and paperwork-induced meltdowns, you’re looking for something comfortingly familiar. Not something so intriguing and delicate that it demands dedicated pondering time afterwards. We’re a coffee company that recognises that.

There’s three ‘usuals’ all offices getting Pact Coffee generally receive: Planalto, Fazenda Chapada and Fruit & Nut. Why? Because they’re all chocolatey Brazilian coffees (or they have that in them, in the case of the blended Fruit & Nut). And that’s what ‘coffee’ is to most people - dark roasts, chocolatey flavours and a creamy mouthfeel.

So why is that ‘taste of Brazil’ (or South America in general) what we consider to be ‘what coffee tastes like’? It might be because Brazil is the largest producer of arabica coffee - that’s what most people come into contact with, so it’s what they assume is the norm. It might also be that most mainstream coffee chains and supermarkets roast their coffees quite dark, which fits in with that profile.

But coffee didn’t taste like that originally. Ethiopia, birthplace of arabica coffee, still produces coffees that taste not unlike they would have all those years ago - tea-like, floral, suited to light roasts and utterly fragrant. It’s not what you’d usually expect from a cup of joe.

While we love to try all the weird and wonderful coffees we source, we reckon your offices want something that is both absolutely delicious and not too jarring at 9am in the morning. And that’s why give the people what they want - creamy, chocolatey coffees that (for the many, not the few) “taste of coffee”.

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