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Making office coffee a force for good

By signing your workplace up for Pact Coffee for Business, you’re showing that you take CSR seriously.Here’s how our directly traded beans are making a positive change to the coffee market status quo:

GOODBYE MIDDLEMEN. To give farmers a better deal, we’ve scrapped the traditional coffee supply chain, which means we don’t work with profit-skimming merchants or middlemen.

WE’RE DIRECT TRADE, NOT FAIRTRADE. We don’t simply pay farmers a minimum wage for their coffee harvest, we invest in them and collaborate closely to help them improve their farms and working processes. Improving drying facilities, quality checks and even fertilisers results in a better tasting coffee, for which farmers can then charge more.

COFFEE THAT’S CSR-FRIENDLY AS WELL AS DELICIOUS. Each delivery comes with information about where the coffee is from, who grew it, and the difference we’ve made to their farm by working with them directly. Essentially, Pact Coffee for Business delivers coffee you can be proud to share with your team.