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What makes our coffee so special?

EXCELLENCE. We only sell speciality coffee, namely beans that have been awarded an international Coffee Quality Score of 80+.

QUALITY. Small batch roasting and daily cupping at Pact HQ ensure you only get the highest quality coffee.

FRESHNESS. All Pact coffee is delivered within 7 days of roasting, because that’s when coffee tastes best.

VERSATILITY. We deliver coffee suitable for all offices, in whole bean, ground form as well as in pods.

VARIETY. We help you choose a crowd-pleasing coffee for your team from our ever-changing menu of speciality coffees.

VALUE. By travelling out to origin, to meet and work with talented coffee farmers in person, we can provide exceptional quality at a competitive price.

How we’re making coffee a force for good

No middle-men. We’re proud to buy all of our coffees straight from the people who grow them. It means we can meet, negotiate and build long-lasting relationships with talented, coffee farmers.

Better traceability. Having fewer steps in the chain between the coffee farmer and the coffee drinker, means you know where your beans are from. We can tell you the farmer’s name, as well as their dreams for the future of their farm.

Better coffee. We pay on average 58% more than the Fairtrade price, which means farmers have the means to invest in their farms. Together we can support the continued improvement of coffee plantations across the world, which means better coffee for everyone.

Meet Faibre Vega Salazar

When our Head of Coffee, Will, travelled out to El Cairo, Faibre’s plantation in Huila, Colombia in 2014, he felt he’d discovered a hidden treasure.

At the time, Faibre’s high quality beans were being wasted; thrown into a commodity blend by a local co-operative and being sold for a commodity price. But on tasting their rich, buttery peach flavours, Will knew that Pact Coffee customers would love this coffee, so he agreed to buy that years crop beginning one of our longest relationships with any farmer.

Things have changed dramatically for Faibre and his family since that moment. Before meeting with Will, their home was essentially open to the ferocious rainforest elements with a leaking roof. Paying a fair price for Faibre's great coffee means the house has now been refurbished and is fit to shelter Faibre and his family. Having seen the potential of working with Pact, Faibre’s son and daughter, Jheiner and Maria Fernanda, intend to follow in their father’s footsteps.