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Why Office coffee matters

At work, coffee matters

In today’s competitive and ever-changing work environment, employers are constantly having to work harder to hire, motivate and retain the best talent. Serving world-class coffee, brewed in market-leading machines is a cost-effective and hassle-free way to make your team feel valued.

TRIED & TESTED: We’re already creating stronger, happier company cultures at the companies we work with.

PROFILE-RAISING: Serving better coffee impresses clients and customers, as well as your team.

EASY: Our hassle-free service, includes the maintenance of all coffee machines, to make life easy for office and ops managers.

ETHICAL: Serving our direct trade, ethically sourced coffee counts towards a company’s CSR; together we’re making coffee a force for good.

REWARDING: Employees who enjoy Pact Coffee for Business can also benefit from a discount for the Pact home delivery service.

TEAM-BUILDING: As well as delivering superlative coffee, our service can also include social events, cupping sessions and coffee classes.