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We want you to give Pact a try. Our aim is to make coffee a force for good, and you can help us with that. 100% of our beans are sourced direct from the farmer, meaning they get a great price and you get an incredible cup of coffee. But money isn’t everything: our Three Phase programme means we work closely with farmers to improve the quality of their crop and scale up. Supporting small communities and getting more speciality coffee for you to enjoy - we’d call that a win-win! Get involved by booking a free coffee tasting for your office.

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Who should come?

You want about four to eight of the people who matter - the tastemakers, the mind-changers, the key stakeholders in your company. Maybe a couple of people from Operations, HR, Finance… and as an added bonus, just anyone who really knows their coffee!

How the coffee tasting works

We’ll bring in three of our current single origin coffees, freshly made and ready to serve, and borrow you for around 30 minutes. It’ll go something like this:

5 minutes: All about Pact - who we are, what’s our story

10 minutes: The coffee tasting

10 minutes: Questions for you: what’s your company’s story?

5 minutes: Wrap up and final questions

What coffees will we try?

We’ll always bring our crowd-pleaser, Planalto. Sourced from Brazil, it hits you with flavours of chocolate and malt undercut by a light, milky acidity - it’s no wonder it’s a customer favourite! Along with that, you’ll get to try two of the single origins coffee we currently have available.

What happens after the tasting?

We chat to the decision makers in your office to see how it all went… and crucially, if you want to go forward in helping to make coffee a force for good!